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SparkOffer is the new digital offer platform
that gives all qualified buyers instant access and
freedom to make an offer on the home of their dreams.

The guessing game is over

Every day, thousands of qualified buyers are making blind offers with no way of countering—costing them the home of their dreams and blocking sellers from their actual best offer.

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For Listing Agents

Give your agent-seller relationship superpowers

We’ve spoken with 100s of sellers... They love the guidance their agents provide but they’re still worried the process will take forever or that they’ll fall short of their best price.

See how our real-time online offer platform helps smart agents like you get sellers the highest sales prices while keeping them engaged and excited in the offer process.

For Buyers

Say goodbye to the feeling of “missing out”

Our real-time leaderboard eliminates that feeling of
“I would have offered more if I’d known!”

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What people are saying

I received 13 offers on my house! It was incredible. Spark's marketing methods, outreach and use of psychology in the selling process are unsurpassed. I think it will become the way to sell real estate in the future!
Incredibly seamless process with desired results. We listed our house over the weekend with Spark. By the end of the weekend we had 6 offers. Spark is the most economical and effortless way to sell your home!
Process was very data driven and dispassionate. No typical broker fluff and wind. Honed right in on pricing that would attract interest and got the job done efficiently.

How to be smarter than a Zestimate.

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