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About us

Our Story

Buying or selling a home the traditional way hasn’t always been the best experience for any party involved — buyers, sellers or their respective agents.

The old way didn’t allow for access to real-time insight around pricing, offers, competition or timing.

In many cases, it held the seller back from being able to move forward while they waited for answers and activity on their property. It kept buyers from knowing anything at all about the real-time demand for a home or what price to offer. And it left agents with limited options for selling unique homes that called for unique methods to market.

The MLS and big search portals have enabled consumers to research properties, but none have created an open setting where buyers, sellers and agents can collaborate to make an actual transaction happen.

That’s why we’re here.

SparkOffer is the only online real estate marketplace where home sellers, buyers and their agents can buy and sell homes directly with one another.

At SparkOffer, you can watch a property and make an offer on it when you are ready. You can list your property and accept an offer, or you can mark it on sale to create urgency.

Our marketplace creates real-time insights around pricing, offers and timing.

We eliminate pricing guesswork through transparency. We remove friction in transactions that keeps all parties stuck. And, for agents, we serve as a new way to sell unique properties that offers more certainty and speed than traditional listing methods.

SparkOffer gives everyone more insight and control than ever before. It’s a simple promise based on our belief that it shouldn’t be so hard to buy and sell a home.

Our Mission

Selling your home means putting your life on hold until the right offer walks through the door. And in many cases, the reality of closing depends on too many variables that are out of your control. Getting lost in a sea of similar listings. Having a high number of days on market. Keeping your listing agent motivated. We see this as a big problem.

Selling your home should be easier. Done on your terms. Your timeline. With you in the driver’s seat of the transaction. We believe that the best way to sell a house isn’t to sit around waiting for the right offer, but to go straight to buyers who are ready to make one. Traditional listing platforms make this impossible. So we built a better one.

A platform that gives you control over the sale of your house by bringing in more offers from buyers who are ready to move forward. A platform built to showcase the most desirable properties around the country. A platform designed to empower the people with the most at stake in the transaction. We’re here to ignite the real estate process by connecting buyers and sellers directly so that everyone gets to the closing table more quickly. Because we believe that time shouldn’t stop when you list your home. It should start.

So let’s get moving.