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E84 AR 6 Week Fraction Mixed Use in 2 or 3 bedroom Villas E84



Offer Terms
Accepting offers between
11PM, May 18, 2023 - 12AM, Jun 1, 2023
Accepted Financing Options
Accepted contingencies
Inspection contingency
Appraisal contingency
Mortgage contingency
Closing Terms
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Additional terms
  • This Offer Platform is NOT an auction.

  • In the case of multiple bids the Purchaser reserves the right to move forward with the accepted bid of their choice

  • Seller is not obligated to accept the final price; Seller has a right to accept, reject or counter-offer the highest bids. 
  • The high bid is subject to the Seller's confirmation, & Hotel Esperanza has a right of first refusal. ** 
  • Once confirmed and accepted by Seller, the "Offer to Acquire" will be drafted. 
  • Winning Bidder to sign "Offer to Acquire" within 48 hours after presented, then a 10 day due diligence period begins
  • The Offer to Acquire will require: 

    • All cash purchase
    • 20% initial deposit plus $2,650USD escrow fee and pre-closing costs due within 3 days of accepted offer
    • Potential extra deposit to use and choose new weeks
    • Close date approximately 100 days from the date of full execution of the Offer to Acquire
    • The 2023 Homeowners Dues to be paid 65%/35% between the Seller and Purchaser and respectively

    Important!  Ending times may be subject to change, especially if an offer is accepted sooner

    **Note: Hotel has a Right of First Refusal Before a Subsequent Transfer.

    Purchaser acknowledges that the owner of the hotel within the Condominium (the “Hotel Owner”) holds a right of first refusal set forth in the Project Documents. Before Seller may sell, transfer, assign or hypothecate the  Property to a third party (each, hereinafter referred to as a "Subsequent Transfer"), Seller shall offer the Property to the Hotel Owner on the  same terms and conditions, as is offered by or to the third party in the contemplated Subsequent Transfer

Neither Auberge Resorts LLC nor any of its affiliates or related persons (the “Auberge Group”) is related to, affiliated or associated with, or a partner in the business of, any of the developers of the residential projects described in this email or any of its affiliates or related persons, and no representation, warranty or guarantee is made or implied by the Auberge Group in respect of any statement or information made or contained in this page relating to such residential projects.  Neither the Auberge Group nor any of its directors, officers, employees or agents has or will have any responsibility or liability arising out of, or related to, the residential projects described in this page, including any liability or responsibility for any statement or information made or contained in this page relating to such residential projects.

Property Information


Auberge Residence (also known as AR fraction) Six Week Fraction (all floating weeks with access to the 2 and 3 Bedroom Villas)

Member E84

Annual dues:  $16,320 USD/year 

Welcome home! This fractional opportunity gives you ample access to the beautifully renovated two and three bedroom villas facing the ocean.
These villas include the following:

  • 2500 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor living space
  • 2 Principle Bedrooms with King Beds; third bedroom has either two Full beds or one King bed
  • Large Indoor/Outdoor Living Space with disappearing glass sliding doors, ground floor units have plunge pools
  • Full Kitchen and Dining Room
  • High Definition Smart TV’s
  • Butler
  • Zoned Air Conditioning
  • Owner Storage & Safe
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Short-Notice Access (60 days or less in advance)
  • Owner's rate for breakfast and other discounts around the property
  • Access to amenities such as spa and fitness classes, tennis, pickleball, lawn games
  • Timbers Reciprocity Program for one-time transfer fee of $3,500USD
This fractional opportunity includes 6 Weeks which will be assigned two at a time in a snake draft format, whereby the first two weeks are assigned going down the list of owners then the second week is picked in reverse up the list of owners, and then the final week from top to bottom.

With a $10,000 additional deposit, the following Esperanza week and Timbers credits are included in the sale for personal use and enjoyment by the purchaser in 2023.  The deposit will be credited towards final closing costs, or forfeited by Purchaser in case of Purchaser's default.
  • June 18th - 25th
  • September 3rd - 10th
The 2023 HOA dues will be split as follows: 65% (Sixty Five Percent) Seller and 35% (Thirty Five Percent) Purchaser.
Close date will be approximately 100 days from the date of full execution of the Offer to Acquire

Legal description of fraction for sale: Villa 1902 Fractional Interest 20, 21, 22

For more information regarding this event and the fractional information please check additional documents or reach out to your agent :

Sheila Vaananen   619.244.2171 US mobile


Bethany Barba   +52.624.128-1319 MX mobile


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Esperanza Real Estate
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