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Deadline met: 9:06PM May 17, 2022

20 Cottage Ln, Marion, MA

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Deadline met: 9:06PM May 17, 2022

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Nestled on a quiet lane in the heart of Marion Village just steps away from Tabor Academy, Marion's waterfront, village shops and amenities, Beverly Yacht Club, Sippican Tennis Club, Marion Art Center, Elizabeth Tabor Library and Sippican School. This 1950's Cape Cod Style home is simply charming. The first floor has an inviting living room with fireplace and built-ins, a cozy dining room with wainscotting, small galley kitchen and a first floor master bedroom with renovated full sized bath.


Buyer's or Buyer's agents must submit proof of funds either with statement for cash purchase or mortgage pre-qualification for conventional mortgage and Agency agreement if applicable.

Please email to kristinfeeney@conversere.com

The amount shown will be the bidder's bidding limit set on SparkOffer and cannot be exceeded during the Event unless further proof is provided. 

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The listing agent will review all offers with the seller the day after the deadline. Seller has a right to accept, reject or counter-offer at any time during the offer period. 

The winning buyer will be signing a standard MA Offer to Purchase Contract. 
The contract can allow for: 

  • 10 day home inspection contingency
  • Mortgage contingency
  • No-appraisal contingency
  • 1,000 initial deposit 
  • 5% with Purchase and Sale (Minimum Acceptable)
There is a 5 minute overtime clock. 
The clock will reset to 5 minutes anytime a bid is placed with less than 5 minutes in the Event.

Listing Broker:
Kristin Feeney
Converse Company Realtors


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